Phenothiazine Raw material for crylic acid

  • CasNo:92-84-2
  • Molecular Formula:
  • Purity:99.5 pct min
  • Molecular Weight:

Product Details


(CAS: 92-84-2)


Molecular Fornula: C12H9NS


Molecular Weight: 199. 28


HS CODE:2934300000


Appearance:  Pale-yellow or pale green crystalline powder. 



þ Has sublimation property. 

þ Slightly dissolved in water, ethynol. 

þ Dissolved in ether, acetone and benzene. 

þ Has slightly odor. 

þ The color will be changed into dark if expose to air for long time. 

þ Irritate to skin.




High grade

Appearance: ligth-yellow crystalline powder

Purity: 99% min

Melting Point 183-186 degree C

Boiling Point: 371 degree C

Weight loss after dry: ≦0.3%

Residue after bruning: ≦0.1%



Other name: phenothiazine; thiodiphenylamine

þ Mainly used as inhibitors for producing acrylates and methyl acrylate,

þ also used for the synthesis of pharmaceutical, dyestuff and auxiliary agent etc (e.g:inhibitor of vinyl acetate, raw materials of rubber antiager ,

þ also used as insecticide for animal herd and fruit trees.


special grade: 35Kg/barrel 25kg/paper bag

industrial grade: 25kg/paper bag